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i-Series i-Series

产品 LightForce® EX

LightForce EX 激光治疗仪由LiteCure Medical 设计,用以帮助您处理最复杂的临床病症的时候达到更稳定和积极的的治疗效果。

The NEW LightForce i-series is here, meet the NEW LightForce® EXPi and the NEW LightForce FXi . Schedule your demonstration today and see how influence technology is changing the game.

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了解LightForce激光治疗仪如何使您的诊所在临床和财务上受益。 一种新的治疗方式可以帮助您的诊所处理更广泛的临床病症从而帮助您建设您的诊所。

See how a LightForce Therapy canbenefit your practice clinically and financially. Treat a wide variety of clinical conditions while providing a new technology to help build your practice.

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Schedule an in-office demonstration of the most powerful therapy laser on the market. See the difference a LiteCure Medical laser makes with consistent results and fast treatment times.

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